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A modern melting pot of cultures, food and architecture. From colonial port through textile manufacturing centre to hi-tech/arts and cultural hub, the evolution of Singapore has been dramatic. This transition has resulted in a rich city, not purely in economical terms, but more and more culturally. Modern Singapore has its focus firmly on areas such as contemporary art, music and fashion. New museums and galleries have been built as part of this transformation, such as the visually striking ArtScience Museum or the Esplanade, known as the Durian Building, at Marina Bay. Bars and restaurants have replaced the old inhabitants of the Shophouses and major fashion label have spread their stores throughout the city. The food scene is so varied and vast as to be almost overwhelming. Food is everywhere. And if it's not where you are, then people in Singapore will not hesitate to travel across town for a recommended or famous dish, be it at a hawker centre (food hall) or at a high-end restaurant. If trying that dish also involves a long queue, no problem. Eating and eating well is one of the great almost fanatical passions of the Singaporeans.