Taroko Gorge, Taiwan

The National Park of Taroko Gorge is located in Hualien County close to the city of Hualien on the Pacific east coast of Taiwan. The gorge, carved by the Liwu River passing through the mountains, is an area of extreme natural beauty. Deep and sheer gorges filled with waterfalls and crystal-clear pools are towered over by forests and mountain peaks, some reaching over 3000m. Marble is in abundance throughout the gorge, formed  from limestone by the  enormous tectonic pressures experienced beneath Taiwan. The park can be explored along several walking trails, such as the Shakatang or Baiyang Waterfall Trail. It also has a shrine, the Chang Chun or Eternal Spring, in rememberance of the soldiers who lost their lives during the construction of the Central Cross-Island Highway, which runs through Taroko Gorge.

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