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Kanazawa, Japan

Kanazawa is home to Kenrokuen Garden, a landscape crafted into beauty through dedication and attention to detail. Visit in spring for the cherry blossom, autumn for the coloured maple or winter to see the pine trees decked in  yukizuri.  Considered among the three great gardens of Japan, it sits at the centre a city that once culturally rivalled Kyoto.  Spared the destruction of World War 2, Kanazawa's traditional geisha and merchant houses in the Higashi District can still be visited and admired. Gold leaf and sake production are two important historical crafts based in the city. The Golden Pavillion in Kyoto was coated in gold leaf from Kanazawa and the abundant rainfall in the region produces the high-quality rice used for Sake. The rice is also an important element in the local Kaga cuisine along with vegtables grown in the region and  the fresh and excellent seafood caught in the Sea of Japan via the city's port.